Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodwill Treasure Hunt

What to do on a not so nice summer day in Washington with 
an 8 year old, 6 year old, and a 9 month old?

The girls wanted to do something this summer and so we used the summer bucket (post coming about that) to decide! Goodwill Treasure hunting is what it was!

We got to Goodwill and the girls were so excited because even though it was the middle of summer all of the Halloween costumes and decorations were out!  After looking through all sorts of wigs, tiaras, shoes, and gravestones we kept on walking.  The girls LOVED it!  
We walked through all of the kitchen accessories, picture frames, and home electronics in search of somethings really cool to re purpose!  I thought it was so funny when I realized that the girls were never old enough to watch a VHS or listen to a cassette.  After looking through all of the books we stumbled across the records!  Perfect!  I let the girls each pick out one and then they helped me pick one.  
Amelia chose the Carpenters, Ella chose Whitney Houston, and they helped me choose Barry Manilow.  I believe each record was only $0.50!  What a steal! 

Next we were off to the craft store to buy paint, glitter, and rhinestones!  

Now for the photo evidence!

Quick kids crafting tip!  Put paint in aluminum cupcake liners for cheap easy use and quick clean up!

This turned out to be a really fun craft that turned out super cute!  I modge podged over the top so that the glitter and rhinestones would stay put and Wha-La!  Easy, Cheap, Fun indoor craft and activity for kids!

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