Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shake and Settle

I am a Nanny. 
Monday through Friday I have the privilege of loving someone elses children while they are working.  I watch two wonderful children.  Amelia is 6 years old and full of energy, spunk, and love.  John is 9 months and moving, jabbering, and learning new things every day.  

Now this post is mostly about little miss Amelia.  I have been a nanny for 3 years now for different families and this is my first full time family with a child over 3.  When a child is under three they are bouncing around with tons of energy, they still need help with things that are too dangerous for them, and they are learning right from wrong.  Six years old is totally different.  Six year olds are independent, want to help, and are learning all sorts of new things from school.  

Amelia is one of the smartest six year olds I know.  She is constantly asking me questions and telling me all about things she has learned.  Adjusting to a new baby brother and nanny is a bit of a change that came all at once.  As a nanny I know that when you first start the child wants to test you and see how far they can go.  About half way through the summer I realized that I needed to find a way to have her think about her actions and not just sit in the other room and mess with something she is not supposed to be.  Well, that is where pinterest came along.  I found this link and pinned it and loved the idea.
I thought I would try it!

Here are my supplies that I picked up from my local Michaels along with the jar that we found at the goodwill:

 I followed the directions on the blog and put in a tablespoon of glue per cup of water.  Next time I would add more so the water was thicker.  Here is the finished product!

After we were done making it I let Amelia in on my secret and told her what this fun jar of sparkles was for.  I changed the rules a little bit and I told her she was not allowed to touch the jar (I didn't want her dropping it) and I told her that if she settled down before the jar settled down then she could come and talk to me but if she didn't then I would have to shake it again.  

It has worked so far!

I made her and her cousin pretend like they were in trouble so that I could snap a few pictures of them.

Thanks Pinterest for another great idea!!!

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