Sunday, October 28, 2012

A shower for a miracle!

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This weekend I had the pleasure of helping my mother in law throw a shower for Angie!

Angie is married to Brian's oldest cousin.  She threw me a bridal shower about a year and a half ago and did a wonderful job!  She is known as the party girl of the family.  

When God blessed Angie with this little miracle baby my mother in law knew she had to throw a shower.  This shower was originally planned for December but little Samantha decided to come a month early!  So the shower date got pushed up! 

Since Brian and I just moved in with his parents while we are remodeling our new home I told Sheryl (mother in law) I would be her helping hands for this shower! 

We went all girl!  The theme was "Vintage, Cute, Pink, Girly!"   

One of the first things I wanted to do was make a huge cluster
of Poms, lanterns and chains on the beautiful ceiling!

Sheryl worked so hard on all of this wonderful food!  There were not many leftovers!
I made some cupcakes! 
My favorite part of a party is the details!

My sister in law Jesie read a beautiful poem about waiting for God's timing. 
We had to bring out the tissues for this!

Then it was present time!  She is going to have a different adorable outfit for every day of the year!

I love the reactions!

There were some Beautiful Diaper Cakes!

Angie's mother in law Shirleen makes beautiful handmade blankets for all of her grandkids. 
She gave Angie the newest grandkid blanket at the shower!

We had a full house of love for the new baby.  There were more people around the corner to welcome baby Samantha.  She couldn't join us because she is too small. 

Angie's sister in law Kelly made this wonderful scrapbook for Samantha that everyone filled up with advice for the little princess.  She threw a shower for Angie a few weeks ago and brought it along to this shower too.  It was perfect!

It was beautiful!

Our thank you favors were jelly beans!

Congratulations Angie! 
We are so excited for your family.
Samantha is so lucky to have you as her Mother!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can you see my vision?

While looking for a house Brian and I had different views on a few things:

He wanted carpet.  I wanted hardwoods.
He wanted easy yard work.  I wanted a large yard for entertaining.
He wanted moved in ready.  I wanted to remodel everything how I wanted it.

Well I kinda got my way on the last one!

We found the perfect house with a wonderful layout and we got it for the right price where we could "fix" what we wanted!  The kitchen is a very important place for me because I love to bake and cook!

Here is our kitchen when we first got the house.
not bad.
(yes, that is a dishwasher installed in the cabinets!!?)
but, since we have a little extra in our budget
 I convinced my wonderful husband to remodel it!

The demo is done now!
This is what my husband sees....
And this.....
is what I see!!!
Now our kitchen is not going to look exactly like the picture above but it is so beautiful and I sit at work all and daydream about how perfect my kitchen is going to be.  I am sure my husband is sitting at school thinking why the heck did he listen to me! 
I am so thankful for a wonderful father in law who is very skilled at home improvement projects and is willing to help us and teach us all of these new things!  And for a patient husband who is so very patient with me and my creative and crazy ideas for our dream first home!

Monday, October 1, 2012



After months of searching, putting in offers, getting rejected, getting accepted,
bad inspections, and lots of signatures we have finally got the house! 

The house has great bones and in a wonderful neighborhood.  We are going to be doing a few things inside and I am so excited to blog about my new "craft project"! 

Well 7817, you are ours now!  Hooray!