Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can you see my vision?

While looking for a house Brian and I had different views on a few things:

He wanted carpet.  I wanted hardwoods.
He wanted easy yard work.  I wanted a large yard for entertaining.
He wanted moved in ready.  I wanted to remodel everything how I wanted it.

Well I kinda got my way on the last one!

We found the perfect house with a wonderful layout and we got it for the right price where we could "fix" what we wanted!  The kitchen is a very important place for me because I love to bake and cook!

Here is our kitchen when we first got the house.
not bad.
(yes, that is a dishwasher installed in the cabinets!!?)
but, since we have a little extra in our budget
 I convinced my wonderful husband to remodel it!

The demo is done now!
This is what my husband sees....
And this.....
is what I see!!!
Now our kitchen is not going to look exactly like the picture above but it is so beautiful and I sit at work all and daydream about how perfect my kitchen is going to be.  I am sure my husband is sitting at school thinking why the heck did he listen to me! 
I am so thankful for a wonderful father in law who is very skilled at home improvement projects and is willing to help us and teach us all of these new things!  And for a patient husband who is so very patient with me and my creative and crazy ideas for our dream first home!

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