Saturday, January 26, 2013

Before & After {Dining Room}

The dining room is our first "complete" room!
Here is a picture of it before...
When we bought the house we had a checklist of things we wanted to do for each room.
Here is our checklist for the dining room:
  • Move the window to another room
  • Put the sliding glass door from another room in the space from the window
  • Refinish the original hardwood floors
  • Put new hardwoods over originals because all the nails
  • Patch up walls and texture
  • Install trim
  • Paint walls
  • Install new chandelier
Compared to our other rooms, this list is a small one.

This wall had random pieces of trim all over it. It looks quite a bit better now.

Here are some pictures of the window that we replaced with the sliding door.

When we put the door in we had to adjust the deck.  So these pictures are from our backyard.  The deck stairs and railing still need to be fixed but for now it is fine. 

We also put in a chandelier, which we got from West Elm
 On sale of course!

After a fresh coat of Behr Paint in "anonymous" it was ready for the trim!

And here it is!
The Before and After!

The table and chair set and side table were given to us by my amazing boss.
The curtains are from Target.
The vase on the table was a clearance World Market find.

We still need to put some art on the walls but for now I am calling it good!
I would love to hear what you think or any ideas you have for art!

More Before & Afters to come!