Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Detail Collage

I love taking pictures of babies!
I have a few pictures that are just my favorites.
Now it would be a little odd if my house was filled with pictures of other peoples babies.
So with my job (as a nanny) I get to take pictures of the sweetest babies and frame them for their parents.  
This is so much fun for me.

The mom of the kids I nanny bought some frames a while back and just let me use them.

This frame she got from target.
I was a little puzzled by what to put in it.  
Then I got the idea to do a picture of all baby Johns details.

They have a sun room upstairs with a beautiful view of the Puget Sound.  
The walls are all windows and even the ceiling is glass so it lets in the most beautiful light.
Perfect for taking pictures of a sweet little naked baby.

I took him up there and used their Nikon D90 to take some pictures.
This little guy has some sensitive skin and eczema.  
Instead of editing the rough skin or scabs I just left them.  
Even with his eczema he is perfect!

I printed out a bunch of 4x6 pictures at Walgreens in Black and White.

I was so excited to reveal the framed picture to them!
I kinda sorta wanted to keep it and hang it in my house...

Here is the finished product hanging in little Johnnys room!

Isn't it perfect!

The black and white pictures really make it pop!
His 6 year old sister thought it was SOOO funny I took pictures of his booty!
Oh to be 6 again....

You gotta love a baby belly!

Can you blame me for wanting to keep it!?  
How adorable is he!


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