Sunday, February 24, 2013

Before & After {Main Bathroom}

Here we go!
When we looked at this house I didn't even want to enter the main bathroom.  Since this was a HUD home (kinda like a foreclosure) no one cleaned it up and made it look pretty for the house tours so it was a little smelly and dirty.  We paid very close attention to our budget and in the beginning we just did not think we would be able to fix it up.  I came to terms with the fact that we might have to just close this door and tell guests to use our master bathroom.  When the remodel ball started rolling we realized that if we were going to put new trim and doors in then we would need to rip out the vanity and so we just went for it. 
Here is the Before...

Here is our main bathroom Checklist:
  • Replace the vanity
  • Tear off the wainscoting
  • Fix the leaky tub faucet
  • Seal off the plumbing/closet so rodents can not get in
  • Install new trim and door
  • Patch and re texture the walls under the wainscoting
  • Replace vanity light
  • Put in a mirror
  • Put in new toilet paper holder and hand towel rack
  • Paint walls and interior of built in
  • Take off closet door to expose built in shelves

This vanity looked like someone had done their own tile work and it was falling apart.  I don't think I ever opened up the drawers.  (fear of the unknown)  There obviously was no mirror and the light just wasn't quite my style.  The wainscoting was definitely another DIYproject from the previous owner.  When we took it off they had stuck the instructions in between the wall and wainscoting.  So they knew where it was I guess? 

I think they must have locked their hairy and smelly dog in the bathroom.

The bathtub still has some work and cleaning but we use our master bath to shower so it is ok for now.  Our plumber did a great job fixing the leaky faucet.

At one point I went to the bathroom with two boxes propped up as a door.  The whole time I was praying the wind wouldn't blow the doors down and the workers wouldn't come back.

This built in cabinet had a door on it.  When you walked into the bathroom it felt like you were in a tight hallway.  I wanted this bathroom to feel open and welcoming so I took the door off.  Now it has beautifully decorated shelves.  I painted the inside the same color as the walls Behr Grape Leaves.  It now has a more welcoming spa like feeling that I LOVE!

The white towels are from Target.
The brush is from Pier 1..
The diffuser is from Target.

The white hand towels are from Target.
The ivory soap is from Walmart. (or anywhere)
The clear jars are from The Container Store.
The guest toothbrushes are from Crate and Barrel. (no longer in stock)

The white washcloths are from Target.
The basket is from Fred Meyer.
The candle is from Target.

The shelves above the toilet I bought from Target.
The pictures I blogged about Here.
The frames are from Michaels.

The faucet is Moen Banbury from Home Depot
The frame was from Homegoods.

The vanity is from Home Depot.  It came with the mirror. 
The light also came from Home Depot

The curtain is from Target.
I bought new knobs from home depot so they would match as well.

Here is the full before and after!

We still need to refinish the tub and put a curtain in there.
I am thinking a fun print maybe?  Roman Shade style.

This room has now become one of my favorite rooms in our whole house, if not my favorite.
I love the bold color and openness of the new vanity and built in.
I am so amazed by what a new vanity and some hard work can create!
Thank you Pinterest for many ideas!

Anyone else thinking about a bathroom remodel?



  1. When doing renovations, it's really important to list all the things you need to do. Or else you'll get caught in all the ruckus and forget about some things that you need to accomplish. And if I decided to have a bathroom remodel, I would think of making it look as cozy and relaxed as yours. You did a great job in this project, and I am equally happy that this beauty wouldn't be messed up by a leaking faucet. Darryl Iorio

    1. Thanks Darryl! Yes I am very glad that we will not have to worry about a leaky faucet. My father in law highly recommend that we choose Moen for our faucets. Even though they cost more up front, it is worth it to not have to worry about a leak!