Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chocolate Cupcakes!

I have loved baking ever since I was a little girl!
Recently people have seen my baking creations and asked for me to make them for events.
After a few "jobs" I dedcided I should probably make a website to showcase the flavors, pricing, and so that new customers can find me and learn more about my cupcakes.
Well this week I have been off work so instead of doing house projects that I should be doing I decided to make the website! 
I got about halfways through and realized I need pictures of each of my cupcakes.
I am a very detailed person and a bunch of random pictures of different cupcakes in different wrappers from different angles just isn't going to do. 
So now the task of creating each of my cupcake flavors and photographing them has begun!
Here is the first one I did....
my favorite!

I am in love with out dining room table and the color of the dining room walls! 
 It is perfect for taking pictures of items!

Here are the leftovers.

Since Valentines day is coming up I sprinkled on some heart sprinkles!

I can't wait to make my website live!
just have to make a few more hundred cupcakes....

Happy Early Valentines Day!


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