Thursday, February 28, 2013

Housewarming Party

I have been bitten by the hostess bug...

I must admit that since we started looking at houses I have been so excited to throw a party!
Since our house is finally "guest ready" I talked Brian into letting me throw a housewarming party.

I made these invitations and sent them out to our friends and family.

(obviously our address and email were changed for privacy reasons)

I love decorating for a party but a housewarming party your want to show off your house and not have a lot of distractions.

We had our friends over for the first Seahawks playoff game a month ago and I made a bunch of football foods but for this party I wanted fancy foods.

So I turned to one of my best friends...pinterest!

The table turned out better then I had imagined.

These tortellini skewers were made from a pack of cheese tortellini from Costco.
The pesto Alfredo sauce was made from half of a container of Alfredo from Costco and a whole container of pre-made pesto from Safeway.  I just microwaved the Alfredo sauce, mixed it, then mixed in the Alfredo.  It turned out great! 

I found this great recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip Wontons

I changed a few things.
They were a hit! I couldn't make them fast enough. 

Now I have never made deviled  eggs before.
So silly me decided to make them the night before the party.
You must realize I am a night owl.  So instead of waking up early the morning of the party, I wanted to stay up late and finish the food. 
So at 2am-ish I was boiling eggs (for the first time)
I started freaking out because I didn't have enough eggs....well I forgot that when you make deviled eggs you cut the egg in half. 
That is what happens to your brain at 2am-ish.

I don't like deviled eggs so Brian was my test taster when I was just squirting mustard and mayo in with the yolks!

I found this idea on pinterest but I had to put a twist on it since my basil leaves were huge.

I get nervous when I see a table with food and I don't know what the food is.
So I bought these "counter corner" tiles from Lowe's and wrote on them with dry erase markers to label the food.  They cost $1.89 a piece but I will be able to reuse them for so many parties in the future!  Just wish I had better hand writing....

These Swedish meatballs are my mother in laws recipe that she makes at parties sometimes and everyone loves them so I had to steal her recipe.

I did decorate a little mason jar for toothpicks with some ribbon.

Who doesn't love cookies!

I found this Lemon Blueberry Cookie recipe on pinterest.
I would consider them Lemon Blueberry Muffin Tops!
I altered the recipe a little and they tasted just like the best party of a muffin...the top!

The chocolate chip cookie recipe is just from my go to better homes cookbook!
(ya, i decided to make those around 1am...because you can't have just one kind of cookie!)

The veggie tray was pretty easy.
The only tough part was finding the perfect peppers for the dip!

These are my Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.
I have to keep this recipe secret...sorry.
The liners are from the dollar section at Michaels!
The sprinkles were from Homegoods.

One of my husbands favorite snacks is Chex Mix.
So I had to make it!

For drinks I just had water and a Lemonade Punch
I love how the colors matched the party!
The beverage container is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I couldn't find any cute napkins but I found cute straws so I had to get them!

If you can see, right behind the mason jar of straws there is a stack of pictures.
We did a lot of changes to the house and a lot of our friends and family did not get to see it before we started.  I took tons of pictures throughout the remodel and just printed 4x6 prints of the process so that our guests could kind of image what it was like before. 
I think it helped!

I would say the party was a success! 
It was so much fun to have a reason to throw a party and a place!

I am so excited for all of the memories that will come in this house that we have made our home.
This is just the beginning....



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to try some of these foods/ideas for our upcoming housewarming party. Thank you! :)

    1. Thanks! These recipes were all great! Good luck on your party and congrats on your new home!

  2. Hello! All looks really great. Can you tell me, the recipe of the dip?. And Congrats on your new home and party!

    1. Thank you! What dip recipe are you looking for?

  3. Where did you get your cupcake stand! I love it and would love to get one just like it!

    1. I got the cake stands from Macy's for our wedding back in 2011. They are still sold there and are on sale right now! The only downside is they no longer have the small one listed online. But I always like to call my local store and see if they have it in store and they will normally ship it for free or you can pick it up in store!

    2. Thanks,
      Is it the Martha Stewart Line with 3 seperate tiers? I just see the biggest bottom tier online and they don't carry it in my stores in STL. But I may call up there as you suggest because it is super cute.

    3. Yes it is the three separate tiers. I attached the link. (i replied from my phone earlier and it wouldn't let me) If I were you I would look on ebay too for the small one if they dont have it in any stores anymore. A lot of times people will post brand new things. I bought pieces of my pottery barn bedding on ebay when it was sold out on their store for pretty cheap!

  4. Also, I already bought the counter corners from Lowe's to use for my Housewarming party. I used them for a smaller party a few weeks ago and got lots of compliments on the great idea... THANKS :)

    1. awesome! I used mine again two weekends ago for a football party. I added cute little stickers onto the tiles to make them more festive! The best part is that they just peel right off the tile! Thanks for visiting!

  5. How big were your jars of alfredo and pesto? I am making this for a housewarming party tonight, and I want to make sure I have a good ratio of alfredo/pesto. I just bought a regular jar from the grocery store of each -- I don't know how big the jars are at Costco...

    1. The Alfredo was approx 1/4 cup and then approx 2/3 cup Alfredo sauce. Hope this helps! The Alfredo was not one in a can/jar it was one of the types that is refrigerated. I think that helped the oil not separate. Hope your party is a success! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Hi Emily! Thanks for the great ideas! I am having my housewarming this weekend and am exited to try them. How did you do the tortellini skewers? Cook them and then serve them at room temp?

    1. Hi David!
      I cooked the tortellini the night before and skewered them when they were warm (so they dont crack) Then I put them on the serving tray. I pulled them out right before the party and served them cold. But throughout the party they got to room temp. Since they were cheese filled tortellini I think it is like against normal food regulations to serve at room temp because bacteria can start to form. I served the dipping sauce warm. Everyone loved them!

    2. Good luck with your party! Glad my blog could help.