Thursday, February 14, 2013

Superman 1st Birthday Party

I nanny for the sweetest little man who just turned 1!
His dad collects comic books
 so of course when his mom asked
me what we should do I suggested
Super Man!

Here is the invitation I made for his party.

I printed off poster board prints from Walgreens and put one on the door to welcome the guests!
Follow this link to learn more about the amazing poster board prints!

I printed off pictures of John and his sister dressed in superhero attire to decorate the table.

His birthday is only a few days before Christmas so most of the superman
 decorations were mixed in with Christmas stuff!

We found superhero candy at the Dollar Store!

cupcakes from Celebrity Cake Studio.

A few invites were printed since his mom emailed or texted the image instead of mailing.

There was an awesome pancake maker!  
Wearing his John button

I call that a successful party!


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