Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentines Love Project

John and I had some fun for Valentines day!

I wanted to surprise his parents and sister with some special gifts.

So off we went to Michaels..
we grabbed some picture frames, a wooden letter "A", and heart stickers.
I stuck the hearts on the white photo mats.
I envisioned him finger painting all over them and them me peeling off the stickers to reveal the hearts.

I let John go at it and paint for the first time!

He was a little confused at first but then loved it.  
Thank the Lord he did not try to eat it!

He was such a good boy and let me take some pictures in his big boy sweater!

I printed off the pictures and stuck them in the frames.  
I pealed off the heart stickers (which was not an easy task)
They turned out great!

This was a fun, easy task for a 15 month old to do!  


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