Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One year ago today...

I have written a little bit about my job as a nanny in this blog.  With today being the one year "anniversary" of interviewing for the job I thought I would share the story. 
Before I got married I worked as a nanny full time for a family.  A few months before the wedding I made the tough decision to leave that job.  I spent the next few months being a nanny part time for two different families.  One of the families I had met through family and they had one sweet little girl who I adore!  The second family I met through a christian softball team that both Brian and I played on.  Both of these families are Jesus loving, have amazing beautiful children, and are some of the genuinely nicest people that I know.  I absolutely loved working for them.  After getting married I decided to start really looking for a full time position. 
My main nanny search engines were care.com and sittercity. I was also wanting to use myfreenanny.com which is owned by a good friend but it is down right now.  I looked into nanny agencies but most of them are located in Seattle which is an hour drive from where I live.  I was willing to do the commute but most agencies would not let me join unless I moved to Seattle.  Total bummer. 
My mother in law was praying for us and was searching everywhere for a job for me. At least once a week I would receive an email from her about someone she found. I knew she was just trying her best to help. Sometimes she would send me Craigslist listings. Now if you have ever looked for a nanny or babysitting job on craigslist you know what I will say about it. Not always, but most times I found people who had multiple children and wanted to pay under $5 an hour for 8+ hour long days.
After searching I found a family that I liked and the hours worked for me. I found them through care.com so it felt safe to me. They were a Christian family with three children. When learning more about their family I thought they were just so amazing. I went home and just did not feel peace. I prayed and prayed asking why I did not feel peace with accepting the job. The hours were a little under full time which wasn't exactly my ideal situation. So after talking to Brian I emailed them back and said I could not accept the job because it was just not enough hours for me. I felt good about my decision until I got another email from her telling me that they could bump up the hours for me if I would work for them. I was so confused.  I had this strong feeling that I should not take this job and I did not know why!  I prayed and prayed and still nothing... It was so hard for me to try to explain to Brian that I still didn't want to accept the job. His choice would have been for me to take it since I now had no reason not to, but I couldn't.  I felt so bad because I knew that we needed the money because we wanted to buy a house in this great market.  When I look back on my decision not to take that job I am still amazed at how hard God tugged on my heart to not take it.
About a week or so later on a Sunday night my mother in law emailed me about another job that had just been posted on craigslist.  This posting was under the gigs - household section of craigslist.  It was a very short post that just said their location and that it would be less than 30 hours a week with one baby.  I replied with my resume and then just waited to see if I would get a reply.  She replied asking if I could talk on the phone and so we did.  After talking for a little bit she invited me to meet for an interview the next morning.  The next morning I met at the Tully's.  I got there early so that I could get a table.  It is always awkward getting to an interview and looking at people drinking their coffee wondering "are you my interview???".  I parked outside and noticed it was a 30 min parking zone.... i still went in and sat down.  after about five minutes of freaking out that I was going to walk out of my interview with a big yellow ticket on my window I moved my car.  I felt so much more relaxed.  They came in and did the interview and it just clicked.  We had a great conversation and I left feeling so good.  I couldn't stop telling Brian how I thought this was the perfect job and family for me. That afternoon I received an email that they had cancelled all of their other interviews because they wanted me!  The next night I went over to meet the whole family, see their house, and talk about details!  they felt the same way that I did!  I officially accepted the job that night!  I have never felt so much peace in a decision that I have made (besides marrying the man of my dreams of course). 
God works in amazing ways!  If I would have accepted that  job then I would have never found this great job.  I could have chosen to ignore all the job emails from my mother in law.  I could have turned down the job because they are not a "christian family".  I am so thankful now for the feeling of peace.  Knowing that God placed this family in my life and that I am fully taken care of is truly amazing.  I believe that God spoke to their hearts and that is why they cancelled all the other interviews. 
Everyday I go to work so excited to see what the day will hold. Hearing Amelia tell her friends that her "big sister" is here to pick her up, having little baby Johnny smile at me and sign the word please, and being able to know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be is perfect!  Life is crazy, things happen that you cannot control, but when you trust in God everything works out.  I am so thankful to work for a family who has become part of my family!

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understand.
Proverbs 3:5

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