Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake!

The other day I received an email from my 4th grade teacher.
She asked if I would be willing to make a cake for her sons first birthday.
I was so excited!  Her theme was the very hungry caterpillar from the children's book.
She wanted a cake shaped like the caterpillar and two dozen cupcakes to go along with it.
I have to admit that shaped cakes still scare me a little bit...
but I knew that I could do it!
I think they scare me the most because I have to draw the shape and cut it out.
I am not a very good free hand artist.
Thank goodness this was an easy shape to draw!
It was lemon cake with vanilla frosting.
The cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla frosting.
I used my fat daddios cake pans.
To shape this cake I had to make a giant square cake to carve into.
Needless to say, we have a lot of leftover lemon cake scraps.
I mixed and mixed my buttercream with my Wilton colors to attempt to get the perfect shade.
I did not think they looked good last night but they were perfect when I saw them in the daylight.
I made my own marshmallow fondant for the cupcake pieces.
Fondant is really easy to make and tastes so much better then the premade stuff!
Here are a few pictures of how cute it turned out!

It was so much fun to see my former teacher.
I am so thankful for facebook and the networking that it provides.
I have to clean my powdered sugar kingdom kitchen now. :(

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