Monday, April 8, 2013

Before & After {Kitchen}

My favorite room....
I am so glad that I can finally post about this room! 
Here is the before...
above: view from the dining room
below:  view from the laundry room 
  • Tear out old cabinets, counter tops, flooring and appliances
  • Take out soffits (raise the ceiling above the cabinets)
  • Patch and texture walls and ceiling
  • Add gas line to the stove
  • Add water line for the fridge
  • Remove the downdraft vent and add the vent in the roof
  • Replace doors to laundry room and upper bedroom
  • Replace trim
  • Paint Walls
  • Remove table in the corner
  • Add pantry to the corner including shelves
  • Install new cabinets (including soft close doors and drawers)
  • Install granite counter tops
  • Install new faucet
  • Install new appliances
  • Install new vinyl flooring
  • Install under cabinet lighting
Wow!  That was quite the list.  I still feel like I am leaving things out!

I blogged about my dreams for this kitchen here.
I could not have imagined it would turn out this good!!!
Here are a few random pictures of the process...

We painted and installed the some old cabinets into the laundry room for extra storage.

Yes, that is poop...
After taking down the upper cabinets we noticed that they did not seal off the attic.

These are the bare walls with the soffits out and new drywall on the ceiling.

 The pantry came together! 

Praying that the samples that look good together will look good when they are in the kitchen!

 Here are some before and after pics!
No, that is not an in wall oven.  Yes, that is an in wall dishwasher? 
Our home inspector said he has never seen this before...and he has seen a lot!
All I can think of is what if this thing had a leak!!
We replaced it with a normal upper cabinet and lower cabinets with a new dishwasher!

The sink was connected with the counter top and the walls were a peach color.
The trim around the window makes it look brand new.
The sign above the sink was given to us as a wedding gift and I was so glad it fit perfectly!
The sink is from Home Depot.
The cupcake cookie jar is from pier one.
I added sink tip outs to the drawer fronts under the sink so that I can store my sponges and other things.

 The old stove was a Jenn Air which is a nice brand.  But I wanted stainless steel appliance so we sold it on craigslist. 
The cabinets were from Founders Choice.  The style is Franklin and the color is Mocha.  We also got the hardware from them and made the cabinets soft close.
The Granite was from Yes cabinet and granite and I don't remember what color.  They also supplied the sink.
The under cabinet lighting was from Home Depot
I know these pictures are different angles but you can see what we did with the space.
We took out the random super tall cabinet and put in a normal upper and lower.
We use this space for our Kuerig!

This dinky table just made me laugh.  I wasn't sure what to do with the space though.
Good thing I have a super smart father in law who came up with the idea to just frame in a pantry.
I wasn't sure how it would look. 
It turned out even better then I ever could have imagined!
Then I had the challenge of how to decorate the large wall that it created.
I didn't want pictures of food or people eating....
I framed  handwritten recipes from our moms, grandmas, and even great grandmas. 
I was so amazed when my grandma gave me a cookbook complete with tips and old recipes throughout.

The wall color is Behr Harvest Brown.

 This is the inside of the pantry. 
I love my OXO jars
The shelves are all adjustable.
It is amazing!

Here are the full before & afters!

I love it! 

It is so nice to have appliance that work, counter tops that are clean and smooth, and cabinets that I know have only held my dishes!
Everything about this kitchen I adore!
I am so thankful for a father in law who can dream up a wonderful pantry.
I am also thankful for my dad who installed the under cabinet lighting and switched out some ugly outlets!

The only thing I am waiting for is my tile back splash....someday!



  1. Thanks! It was so scary choosing things but I am very happy with how it turned out!