Saturday, April 27, 2013

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I had been wanting a logo for my cupcake business for a while.
I do not consider myself a good "artist/draw-er". 
So sketching a logo idea was hard for me.
I knew I wanted a logo that was modern, cute, and recognizable!
This is what I drew...

Then I started researching companies that can make a logo for me. 
I knew that I could mess around in Microsoft Word with shapes and make one, but I wouldn't be able to have a transparent background and it would just be very limiting.
All the sudden that little "light bulb" went off...
My Uncle Steve is an Artist!
Of course!
I emailed it to him and he said it would be super easy and he could make it!
I went over to his house and in less than half and hour he had it done!

It is better than I had imagined!!!
He also did one in all white and a transparent background and no words for my website!
His website is check it out!
He is now even selling his artwork printed on tshirts and hats.
My logo does not give his talent justice.  He is an amazing artist and can create any logo or artwork for your business too!
Thanks again Uncle Steve!

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