Tuesday, April 23, 2013

sweetthingsbyeh.com is LIVE!

I did it!!!
I finally made my logo, designed my website, and purchased the domain name!!! (thanks godaddy.com)
Here it is!
(I will post about this awesome logo next time)
I feel like a proud mom...i am so weird.
Since I posted the website I have received two orders for events! 
and I am really excited to see where it takes me.
Right now I just bake in my kitchen.
In order to sell my cupcakes/cakes in stores or coffee shops I would need to bake them in a commercial kitchen.
So for now I am just going to stay small.
My ultimate goal is to buy a food truck and convert it into a super cute cupcake truck!
That would be a much smaller start up cost.
Then whenever Brian is done with school, we have a family, and life has slowed down...I want to open a real shop!
But for now...
this website is a start!
If you need cupcakes or a cake for an event email me at

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