Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tacoma Group Prom Picture Locations

So my mom just asked me to help her take pictures for my little brothers senior prom.  (he is a SENIOR!?)

She said that they want to go to a place in Tacoma that not a lot of people go to. 
They thought about going to the rose garden in point defiance with their group of 10. 
I thought I would search the web and my Tacoma knowledge to think of a few locations. 

1. Point Defiance Park 
At the park there is a beautiful rose garden, pond area, white gazebo, and a pagoda. Attached to the park is the zoo and aquarium which would be a really fun place too. It would be totally not like anyone else's prom pictures if you had the shark tank in the background. On the day of their prom the zoo is opened until 6pm.

2. Chambers Bay Golf Course
Chambers is in University Place right outside of Tacoma. There are these large structures made out of cement that are scattered across the park from when the site was used as an industrial park. They make a grreat backdrop for photos. They have made a new bridge that goes over the train tracks and you can walk on the beach. These would be awesome places to take pictures.

3. Ruston Way
There is a beautiful view of the puget sound right by the restaurant C.I. Shinnanegans.  You just have to make sure not to stand too close to the restaurant. 

4. Fort Steilacoom Park
If you have a group that likes the cowboy/county look then this park is for you!  They have the coolest barns and other farm items. 

5.  Tacoma Glass Museum
There are many places to go in downtown Tacoma. The glass museum has a very cool bridge that goes over the freeway and has these awesome glass sculptures that look like big pieces of rock candy. There is also a water feature, boat harbor, huge staircase, train tracks near UW, and very cool buildings. 

6.  Graffiti Garage
This is a garage that the public is allowed to graffiti. It has turned into a very cool, unique piece of art. Some of the graffiti is not like "grandma approved" but that makes it such a fun place. It is a popular spot for boys to take senior pictures but I think all of the colors would be awesome for group prom picture. 

I am going to try to take some pictures of these locations in the next couple days and maybe find a few more locations!  

Anyone have any other ideas?

P.S. I think it would be super fun to do a trash the dress shoot afterwards. It wouldn't have to be their senior prom dress, maybe one that is in the back of the closet that hasn't sold on Craigslist yet. :)

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