Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The easiest strawberry shortcake EVER!

Mothers day is about an hour and a half away.
I have already baked a lemon cake.
Frosted said lemon cake.
Filled lemon cake with homemade lemon curd.
Made fondant to cover the cake.
Made gum paste flowers to decorate the cake.
Tore off the fondant because it was horribly bumpy.
Thrown away all the gum paste flowers because they didn't match the cake now.
Made homemade whipping cream to cover the mess of a cake.
Then my sweet loving husband came out looked at my cake and you think that is enough?
Now with 18 people eating dessert this was already on my mind
I was just waiting for someone to say it...
and he did...
an hour and a half before we were supposed to leave.
Immediately I think of strawberry shortcake. 
Which is a very easy dessert unless you are Brians grandma.  She cuts up POUNDS of strawberries by hand and makes her own whipping cream and biscuits!  She is quite amazing.
I know I cannot come anywhere close to how amazing hers i decided to be as unlike myself as possible!
I had this trifle bowl that I had never used except for to store things.
Ran to Fred Meyer and grabbed:
4 boxes of strawberries
4 angel food cakes
4 tubs of cool whip
I cut the pound cake into cubes and put it on the bottom
Then I layered the cool whip on top.
Then I cut up all the strawberries and added a little vanilla sugar (thanks to my aunt robin for the awesome housewarming gift!)
Layered the strawberries.
Cool whip on top of the strawberries
Then another loaf of pound cake on top!
I bought way too I made the same dessert for my family the next day!
Here is one picture, one horrible iPhone picture...

Yes, the presentation could be a lot better.
But for being in a hurry and a VERY last minute dessert, I would say it is pretty good!

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