Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Cupcake Paper Toppers

People are selling these cute little cupcake toppers all over etsy.
Some of them are selling for as much as $12 for 12! 
That is $1 each!!!
For a piece of paper, toothpick, and glue!
Why spend that much when they are so easy to make!?
These are the ones I made last night. 
What you need:
White card stock
Pretty doublesided scrapbooking paper
Glue sticks
Hot glue gun
For these I found the logos from the facebook pages and just saved the picture to my computer.
I used Microsoft Word.
You open up a new document and use the shape tool to make a circle.
Size the circle by right clicking and then choosing the Format Autoshape.
Put the size as 1.5 x 1.5
Then copy and paste as many circles as you need to the document.
Once the circles are in place you then will create a text box to put your text in.
Or insert your picture or clip art.
Size it down so the picture or words fit inside the 1.5 inch circle.
Then you delete the circle so that it does not print the lines.
Then you print it.
I like to print on card stock because it makes it look more expensive then regular computer paper
After it is printed you take a 1.5 inch circle punch.  I use the one you can buy here.
Then you use a 2 inch circle punch to punch out the color paper you want.  (buy here)
You can also buy a scalloped punch or any other shape.
Then you glue the papers together and then hot glue a toothpick on the back.
It is that simple!
You can get really creative by getting ideas from etsy or pinterest.
But really all you need is Microsoft word and a printer!
And those circle punches can be used for so many more projects!
Like the dot banner I blogged about here or use a scallop punch for the favor bags I blogged about here...but seriously this is one of my favorite craft tools!  Buy it now!
Here is another picture of some cupcake toppers. 
These ones were made by my fantastic mother in law!
There are so many possibilities!

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