Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Firework Wreath!

I have been trying to make a wreath for every holiday.
I was doing really well until my job, new house, new cupcake venture, and life!
Since the fourth of July is coming up I have been feeling very festive!
So I decided to make a wreath.
 I found inspiration through pinterest...of course!
Here is what you need:
 16 inch foam wreath (white not green)
Four floral pins
Two 9 ft festive foil garlands
assorted ribbon (preferably not wired)
Once you take the tags off the garland and wreath you take a floral pin and push it into the end of the garland.  then you push the pin into the foam wreath.
Then you wrap the garland around the wreath until you get halfway around.
Then you will pin the end and start another.
You can either leave the wreath like it is
if you are a former add a bow of course!
Being a cheerleader and cheer coach for a team where the school colors are red white and blue
I have A LOT of ribbon to choose from!
(this wasn't even half!)
You start by tying two bows and then continue tying bows on the others to create this big mess bow!
Here is the finished product on my ugly, needs to be painted, needs a new knob door.
And here is a close up!
When I was going to hang it up my husband said,
"why would you make a Life Christian wreath for our door?"
Yes it would be very school spirit if it wasn't the Fourth of July!
Have a safe Fourth!