Sunday, July 28, 2013

If you like to talk to tomatoes...

It is that time again!
Ellie's birthday party!
Last year I blogged about her Muppet Party here.
This years theme was Veggie Tales.
I was in charge of the cupcakes.
I also decided to make a cake!
I was happy with how Bob and the peas turned out!
Jesie had Ellies pictures in a little album along with some "veggie candy"
The table also was super cute!  Filled with bright fruits and veggies!
My mother in law found this cute tiny 3 candle at Party City.
Presents are a lot more fun when you are three!
My mother in law made this super cute and creative centerpiece!
To make this she used a clear round vase and then tied asparagus around it with a ribbon. 
Then she used chives and slid them through long skewers
She cut peppers and other vegetables to make the bouquet!
I loved it!
Happy third Birthday Ellie!
We love you so much!
-auntie em

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