Monday, July 22, 2013

What to do with a free vase.

My boss has the BEST vase collection.
When she was downsizing I filled my car with too many of her vases.
She had this really cool dark vase, at first I wasn't sure what to do with it.
Then, I figured it out!
Since I haven't been able to plant anything because our yard is currently under construction (regrading) I have been longing to go to Home Depot and buy a plant!
I went and grabbed some succulents to plant in the vase!
I have seen a lot of people keep them inside but I didn't know how easy it would be.
I don't really like reading directions for projects because I never get the project perfectly like the blogger did!  So instead I just make it up as I go!
If this plant is still alive in a week, I will be so happy!
All you people with a green ready to shake your head in disappointment!
I bought three containers of Hen and Chicks. 
That was the only succulent they had!!
TOTAL disappointment!

Got some good dirt!
I pretty much just shoved it in and then the little sprouts that fell of I just filled in the empty spots.
The guy at Home Depot ripped off a flower and said I could just shove it into the dirt and it would we will see if he is right.
I sprinkled some water over them because they had some dirt on them and it looked so pretty!
I am pleased with how it turned out.
I am especially pleased with the price...$9!!!!
That is cheaper than the bouquet of flowers I bought on sale at Safeway!!!
And it will last WAY long as I did it right.
What do you think my green thumb friends?
Will it live?

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