Wednesday, August 21, 2013

cord of three strands...

My husband has had a tough time with wedding rings.
His expensive nice one fell off while we were at Alki beach so he has been using a different very cheap one that gives him a bit of a rash and is big and falls off.
He talked about getting a ring tattoo.
So for our anniversary I surprised him with a gift card for the House of Tattoo so he could get one done!
We scheduled it and realized that we needed to figure out what he wanted.
He wanted something simple.
I was looking online and mostly saw names or just a black band.
I thought a bunch of lines would look cool so I started doodling.
I liked the look of the one circled.
Then I had the grand idea of the meaning!!
The three stripes represent Brian (husband), Me (wife), and God in both of us!
I am so proud of my original (not found on pinterest) tattoo idea!
So, that is what he did!!!

All drawn on!

Mike did an awesome job!

 And here is the finished product!
I love it...and him!

Sesame Street Cupcakes and Cookies

 As my cupcake business is expanding I have been doing more and more fun ideas!
This one was really fun!  Sesame street!
The Elmo and cookie monster cupcakes were piped with a grass tip.
Big bird was piped with a small round tip.
Elmo and big birds eyes were Wilton candy eyes and big bird has frosting eyelids piped on.
Cookie monsters eyes are gum paste cut into small circles with black frosting piped on.  I didn't use fondant because then it might be floppy.
Elmo's mouth is half of an Oreo cookie and cookie monster is the middle of an Oreo cookie cut.
Elmo's nose is an orange m&m.

I used a Wilton cookie cutter for these cookies and then piped on the frosting!
The mom who ordered these found these awesome ideas and they turned out great!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Picnic Baby Shower

My sister in law Jesie was throwing a baby shower for her best friend and asked me if I wanted to help with some decorations...
It was a co-ed shower and the theme was picnic (baby BBQ just sounds wrong).
So I knew I was going to make a banner with my silhouette machine.
The font and colors are the same as the invite.
Since we knew the forecast said it was going to be warm we got a pop up tent for over the food so I made a small pennant banner to decorate that!  I will post a tutorial soon.  (it is super easy)
Another easy decoration we did was string twine around a tree in the backyard and clipped pieces of paper for people to fill out for the new baby!
 I found these straws in the dollar bins at Michaels and they worked perfectly in this antique mason jar.

I have these great red beverage jars that my boss didn't need anymore that we used.
I also used the beverage tags that I got for my birthday from Jesie! 
Now another one of my favorite parts of the shower....
I have this Coca-Cola crate that I found on craigslist and I have been wanting to use it for a party.
I also got a bunch of antique mason jars from my boss.
I put them both together and used it for condiments and burger toppings.
Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, relish, BBQ sauce, mustard, mayo, ketchup were all in the mason jars.  (how cute would bacon be sticking out of a jar in the middle!  I didn't have time!)

 Here is the food table!
The best part, DESSERT!
I made a custom banner that matched the large one for the cake.
The cake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

The cupcakes are inspired by an Ice Cream Sundae!  

It was such a fun party!  Even the kids had a good time!
Baby Ruston has no choice
he IS a Seahawks fan!
Congrats T&D!
We cannot wait to meet baby Ruston!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY summer cookie box label

School supplies are out and that means that summer is coming to a close.

Today Amelia (girl I nanny) wanted to make cookies to bring to her neighbors. 

I am always up for baking!

Now my problem is that sometimes I am just too much of a craft/project perfectionist. I just can't give the neighbors cookies in a plastic baggie. 

So here is what I came up with. 

Now all I did was:
-buy take out boxes from michaels. $1.50 (used a coupon)
- use Microsoft word to type out whatever words you want to put on the label. I draw a circle the size of the punch I will be using around the words so I make sure they fit. 
- then I print off the words and use a punch (2.5 inch circle) to get the perfect circle. 
-I picked a cute piece of scrapbooking paper (from a paper pad which was $9.99) and punched out a larger circle (3 inch I think)
- I used a glue stick to stick the white paper with words onto the colorful scrapbooking paper. 
- then I used hot glue to glue the whole label onto the take out box

I filled the boxes with the original nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe.É-toll-house-chocolate-chip-cookies/detail.aspx

I used the small oxo cookie scoop so they were tiny cookies and would fit in the box. And admit it....when you eat 5 tiny cookies it is way less calories then one normal sized one. ;)

I will upload the PDF for you to print tonight!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

pinterest problems

So I love pinterest.
I use it a lot when I am at work on my phone while the baby naps.
I love to look in the kids category because it has really great ideas for activities to do after he wakes up. 
But here is my problem.
I get on the kids category and then...
I start pinning cute nursery ideas, kids clothes, newborn photography ideas, maternity photography ideas, and all sorts of things that make it look like I am planning on having a baby.
Now I am really only looking for fun things to do with other peoples children.
People think that I am pregnant!
As for now, I will continue to pin super cute nurseries and newborn pictures.
And throw off all my friends who follow me on pinterest.
careful what you pin!