Monday, September 23, 2013

Snack Catcher Cups!

Being a nanny I have learned a lot about ALL the products out there for kids.
There are important items at every stage of life.  

One item that I really love is the Munchkin Snack Catcher.
It is perfect because kids always need a the zoo, in the car, at the park, at home. 
The only problem is that kids are also big mess makers and spill EVERYTHING!
This great snack cup has the rubber top so kids can reach in but not dump the cup!

I had to get a gift for a first birthday party I was attending and thought of these.
I also wanted something that I could add vinyl to and it was perfect!

Soo I ran out to target and picked them up.
There is a girl set with pink/purple and yellow/orange and a boy set with blue/green and yellow/orange.
I picked up the girl set.

Since I was giving it as a gift I wanted it to look professional so I cut open the tape on the sides and carefully pulled the cups out.

I wanted to monogram the cups but didn't have enough time to create the monogram (this whole project was done in under 20 min) so I did a different design.

I used my silhouette cameo and found the "Butterfly S" monogram in their online store.
The other cup I put her name on it!

Since every kid has one of these cups it is important that you know which one is yours!
You could also put a picture on the cup too!


Hopefully these help add some style to Samantha's snacking!

Monday, September 9, 2013

future BFFs

Yesterday during halftime of the Seahawks game I took a few pictures of my sister in law Jesie and friend Tania.  They have been best friends since Freshman year of high school and they just found out that they are both having little boys!
They found this idea on pinterest so we used it as inspiration.
 Since we couldn't find a cute chalkboard.  Tania found a piece of chalkboard paper in the scrapbooking section of a craft store!  What a cute idea!  Cheap too!
 They put up a bit of a fight when I asked them to sit on the ground...
but it was worth it!
 Aren't they just the cutest little pregnant people!

go seahawks!

Guess what......
Brian and I like football for much different reasons.
He likes it because of fantasy football, cheering on the seahawks, and the fall season.
I like it beacause it means I get to throw football watching parties!!!
We just had our first one of the season!
I went a little always!
Here are a few of the decorations. 
 I just incoorperated Seahawks stuff that we had into our normal decor!

notice the skittles Seahawks fans?
 I always like to change out the pictures in my normal picture frames to match the theme!
easy and cheap decoration!
even the bathroom got matching flowers!

My favorie part....the FOOD!
It is a little different then the last game because kickoff was at 10:00am
Not the right time for hot wings and bean dip.
So I made brunch (that doesn't sound manly at all!)

My mother in law had these drink cosys that no one ever uses anymore for drinks!
I repurposed them to hold silverware. 
(we only needed forks but I thought they looked cute so I put out knives and spoons)
Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Water, Chocolate Milk, and Tonic Water were served!
I also cut up lemons, limes, and cucumber for the water.
The flowers were from Safeway. 
The florist sprayed them with a blue flower spray to match the theme!
The table runner was actually three placemats lined up together!
Here is a view from the side.
 Here is all of the food!!!
Fresh Fruit Tray
Waffle Toppings (butter, syrup, peanut butter, whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate chips)
Bacon & Sausage
Buttermilk Waffles
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Banana Muffins
I used my corner counter tiles for the food labels. I can just write on them with dry erase marker.  To personalize them for the party I put on some stickers on them.  Just make sure you dont press them on too hard or they wont come off! 
The party was a success!
Who doesn't love eating breakfast food while watching football!?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Custom Baby Shower Gift!

 Our good friends Tania and David (who I helped throw a shower for that you can view here) are REALLY big Seattle sports fans.  And that might be an understatement.  Lately I have been experimenting cutting vinyl with my silhouette cameo machine. 
Since their baby boy is due in 10 DAYS I had to hurry and get my supplies before he came!
I bought the glass bottles and pacifiers from their registry.
Then I found both of the logos that I wanted and traced them in the silhouette program.
I made sure that they would fit by cutting out the designs on paper first so I wouldn't waste vinyl!
Here are the finished products!
(excuse the cheesy pinterest editing)

I absolutely love how they turned out!
My poor (future) children are going to have monogrammed everything!

Overall this project was relatively easy as long as you know how to cut vinyl.
I absolutely love this new project that I can gift to people!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Go Huskies!

Friday was the first Husky football game of the season, in the new stadium, and my husband attends UW!  So of course for his birthday I got him season tickets and we went!  Here are a few pictures!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bird Costume

As I nanny I get asked to do some random tasks.
One of my favorite ones was when my boss said... "Amelia needs a bird costume."

So I searched pinterest and google searched but couldn't find much of anything that was super cute.

Instead we just went to Michaels and got creative!

I bought two red feather boas, one red tshirt, and one red feather clip that they had pre made.

I used a hot glue gun to secure the boas onto the shirt.
I just wrapped it around the shirt and glued.

I must say she was the best looking bird in the play!

Super easy and cheap bird costume!