Sunday, October 27, 2013

Maui {Ellie}

This is what happens when you go on a family vacation with a super cute 3 year old!
wishing I was back in Maui with Ellie!
We stayed at this beautiful home in Central Kihei!
More pictures will come soon!

Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY apple print banner

I have a new nanny family and they have a fun little two year old girl!
Since it is fall and the pacific northwest just looks amazing I am really feeling the craft projects!
I saw this idea on pinterest and thought..Miss E can do that!
(Well, i just looked at the blog and saw that the blogger had her kids do the project too!)
I will add a few more tips that I found out!

Here are all of my supplies. 

I cut my apples in half.

Then I used this fun trick to make a handle so it is easier for Miss E to stamp!
It also made a great snack for when I was cutting the burlap to keep her busy.
Here is what the apples looked liked with the "handles"
I put a glob of paint on the plate before i brushed it onto the apples.

I took my burlap and cut out rectangles.  Then I just rounded the corners.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  It sure is a pain in the booty tracing a piece of paper. 

I had Miss E practice a few times on paper before stamping the burlap.  This helped me figure out that if you do not get a perfectly straight cut then the print isn't very good.  Also make sure that the seeds are out of the apple before stamping.  Of course, you have to add a hand print!
Here she is stamping the apples.  The best part of this project is that each apple can be on a different place on the burlap and it looks very cool!  Every time we do an art project I lay down a garbage bag so that cleanup is easy! 

I had to touch up the apple prints with a paintbrush because come didn't fully stamp.

Since burlap has holes all over it already all you need to do it string the twine right through!

I drew the stems and seeds on with a permanent marker.
I think it turned out super cute!
Miss E is very proud of her banner and I love that it is not a cheesy kids craft!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY donation bin

Here are a few of the donation bins that I have done.

These were craft paint cans purchased from Michaels with a pink boa hot glued to the bottom of the bucket.  I used glitter paper and stickers to write donations.  I cut the top of the can for a money slot with a utility knife then so it was not sharp I put hot glue around the edge.  I tied a pink ruffle bow on the side of the can as well!

This red tin was bought from Michaels.  You could also use a tin you have and spray paint it.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out vinyl letters and applied them to the can.  I used two ribbons to pop some color while still looking professional.

I will update with more!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The God of angel armies...

Sometimes it is hard to know what the plan is.
Job hunting, law school applications, back yard was all a little overwhelming.
But when I would get overwhelmed this Chris Tomlin song would come on and peace would just come over me.
It is good to know that God is always with us and looking over us!
This picture is from our trip to Hawaii. 
We flew from Maui to Oahu and watched the sunrise in the clouds! 
Absolutely beautiful!!!

FREE Creative Printable

I just posted about my Craft Room Remodel and I noted that I wanted to decorate the room a little more. Well, I found this quote on pinterest and I wanted to put it in my room.  I decided just to use cute fonts to create this fun printable that you can use in your room! Just click on the File link below and it will take you to the PDF that you can print off!  I am open to suggestions about what color you would like the center circle to be. 

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Breast Cancer Donation Jars

One of my good friends owns Martin Henry Espresso in Tacoma (you should stop by and say hi).  Since October is breast cancer awareness month she wanted to start collection donations and asked if I could make some donation bins.  Of Course!

 I found these small clear paint cans at Michaels and a pink boa.

I hot glued the pink boa to the top and bottom of the can.

You just have to cut the boa the right length and hot glue it on in a few places.

I created the vinyl words with my silhouette cameo and then I bought stickers from Michaels to decorate.

I used transfer paper to put the vinyl on the containers. 
You could use stickers too if you do not have a vinyl cutting machine.

Here are the finished donation jars.

Swing by and grab a yummy coffee from Merrilee at Martin Henry!
Thanks Merrilee for asking me to make these for you!


Before & After {Craft Room}

 I finally decided to take pictures of my craft room.  Normally it is a mess of paper, glitter, ribbon, etc so I really cleaned it up for these pictures!  I still haven't "decorated" the walls yet, but stay tuned for some diy craft room signs!  

 Here is the before...

  • Tear out smelly carpet and replace
  • Take off weird shelving
  • Replace door, handle, trim, vent cover, outlet covers, and blinds
  • Cut out the drawers under the closet  and replace closet doors and shelf and pole
  • Re texture inside of closet
  • PAINT!!!
We were blessed that this house has 3 huge bedrooms (technically 4 if you count the upstairs room).  Since we do not have kids yet and we don't need a guest bedroom (both of our parents live closely so that if any out of town guests came they would stay with them) we knew that Brian would get an office for school work and then I get a craft room!!!!  My craft room is a little smaller because I know that if we have a baby my craft room would turn into the nursery and this room is on the back of the house so it seems a little safer.  

So we tore out the carpet and found BEAUTIFUL original hardwood floors just like the living room and dining room.  But unfortunately just like the other rooms there were huge nails all over them.  :( So we just covered them up with some carpet.

My room obviously became the junk room during the remodel. So most of the time it was just dusty and full of tools!  You can see in the top picture how the closet was cut out.  It looks a lot more modern without the drawers underneath!

How beautiful would my craft room look with those original hardwoods!!?
Maybe one day they can be refinished...

YAY carpet!
This is when it finally felt like a house!

Here are the after pictures!!!

The color on the walls is Behr Teal Zeal.
I love it because it is very bright and cheery!

Our doors and trim were from Custom Choice Door
and the door handles are Schlage Georgian

Our blinds are from Hunter Douglas

This cabinet was from my parents neighbor.  I still need to paint it (it is off white and I want just white) and replace the knobs.  It is a great find because it holds all of my machines and inside there is a lot of storage for craft supplies!

My desk is from Wayfair.  It is so big that I can do multiple crafts or have friends over and we can both work together!

I decorated the shelves on the side with all of my cute cupcake cookbooks and I used the Target storage bins to fill up space and give me more space for crafts.  I have glue gun stuff in one, stamps in another, punches, and fabric.  

We used to have these bookcases from ikea in our living room but we don't have room for them out there anymore so they got shoved in my room.  We store all of our DVDs and seasons of shows in them.  I wanted my room to be all white furniture but at least these look black.  :)

Here is the before and after!

A few things I still want to do are put up a white shelf above my desk, change out the light, and add pictures to the walls and quotes.

I absolutely love my craft room and I welcome anyone over to craft with me!!!