Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY apple print banner

I have a new nanny family and they have a fun little two year old girl!
Since it is fall and the pacific northwest just looks amazing I am really feeling the craft projects!
I saw this idea on pinterest and thought..Miss E can do that!
(Well, i just looked at the blog and saw that the blogger had her kids do the project too!)
I will add a few more tips that I found out!

Here are all of my supplies. 

I cut my apples in half.

Then I used this fun trick to make a handle so it is easier for Miss E to stamp!
It also made a great snack for when I was cutting the burlap to keep her busy.
Here is what the apples looked liked with the "handles"
I put a glob of paint on the plate before i brushed it onto the apples.

I took my burlap and cut out rectangles.  Then I just rounded the corners.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  It sure is a pain in the booty tracing a piece of paper. 

I had Miss E practice a few times on paper before stamping the burlap.  This helped me figure out that if you do not get a perfectly straight cut then the print isn't very good.  Also make sure that the seeds are out of the apple before stamping.  Of course, you have to add a hand print!
Here she is stamping the apples.  The best part of this project is that each apple can be on a different place on the burlap and it looks very cool!  Every time we do an art project I lay down a garbage bag so that cleanup is easy! 

I had to touch up the apple prints with a paintbrush because come didn't fully stamp.

Since burlap has holes all over it already all you need to do it string the twine right through!

I drew the stems and seeds on with a permanent marker.
I think it turned out super cute!
Miss E is very proud of her banner and I love that it is not a cheesy kids craft!

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