Monday, November 18, 2013

Kid Craft: Baby food jar turkey

Right now I am nannying for a 2 year old (E) and a 8 month old (G). Well G is quite the eater!  He is going through baby food like no other!  So instead of just recycling the glass jars I have been collecting them for future craft projects. Here is a craft project we did a few weeks ago with a jar!

E loves to get her hand traced and do handprints so I traced her hand on construction paper and cut it out. This part would be a little more fun for a child that is old enough for scissors!  Then I gave her googley eyes to glue on and a nose to glue on. The nose is just a pice of construction paper folded so it sticks out. I used orange pipe cleaners for the feet and I hot glued them onto the bottom of the jar since the glue wouldn't stick. I helped E put the "feathers" in order and then she taped them together. (2 year olds aren't good at waiting for glue to dry) 

The turkey would look really cute filled with some brown M&MS or chocolate goldfish as a gift to a special friend.

Send me pictures of your baby food jar creations!  I would love to see!


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