Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our little rustic Christmas

Last Christmas we were in the almost done with our remodel, living in one room at my in laws house, all of our belongings were packed away and it just didn't really seem like Christmas came.

This year since we are in our house and all settled, I was determined to make sure to celebrate it right!

I went for a rustic style that would match our home decor.

All the presents were wrapped in packaging paper from my local dollar tree!
I bought all different styles of red ribbon with white accents to add some color.

The ornaments are from Target and the star ornaments are from Michaels.

The burlap was from Michaels.  Do not buy from the ribbon section but from the floral/wreath section.  It is a lot cheaper, more realistic looking, and a lot more for your money!

Our stockings were from Pottery Barn and the little dog stockings were from Target.
I chose to do all white stockings in different textures so that when we have kids we can just add another white one and not have to worry about the style being discontinued.

I made each one of the trees on the mantle except for the big wood one that I purchased from Homegoods.

The tree topper is from Target.

Every year we have been married we buy the Lenox snow fantasies annual snowflake.

I used my antique trunk to display my new Willow Tree nativity.

I also hung our Christmas card collection on some artwork.

I absolutely love this nativity set.  It is so classic and pretty!
I hope to get the backdrop "creche" next year.  (or if it is on sale now!)

I love receiving Christmas cards from all of our friends and family.
To display them I wrapped this piece of artwork with thick twine and then clipped them up there.

It was so fun to watch our collection grow!

I bought the reindeer from Target after it had went on clearance.
The advent calendar was something I bought last year from Target and I am still in love with it.
The gold picture frame is from Homegoods and I just added a winter picture.

I loved this year that we could have a "real" Christmas and really enjoy the season.
I just finished putting everything away and I think my house looks a little sad.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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