Sunday, January 26, 2014

cute yarn letters

For Christmas my sister in law asked me if I could make a few things for presents. 
Of course I jumped on the opportunity.

She found this picture this picture and asked if I could do this.

I have covered letters once before with yarn and it was relatively easy so I just did the same.

We went to hobby lobby and found these letters.  Each one was about $2.50
I took her blanket with me to Michaels and found yarn that matched.
Then I used felt flowers that I already made.

The whole project took about two hours because it takes a while to wrap.

I wrapped the yarn around each letter vertically and then strung it randomly around when the letters were completely covered so it looked a little abstract.

Here it is with her cute bedding!

Merry Christmas Ellie!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[E] Hospital

We have a nephew!!!
I was anxiously waiting all day Friday while at work to get the text.
It came and I couldn't wait to visit.
We went that night and saw the little guy.
They borrowed my camera and I couldn't wait to get it back so I could stare at his cute little face!
Here are a few pictures I took on his birth day!

seriously perfect

love the baby feet

Uncle Brian holding his first nephew!

He was born at Tacoma General and I couldn't miss this photo op!

tiny smirk

holding daddy's finger

babies look so tiny in their dads arms

There is nothing better in the whole world than a newborn baby
and boy is he just perfect!
We love you Ezra!
-auntie em

[A+J] Maternity

Brian's brother and sister in law are a family of four!
Before the baby came we ran to the University of Puget Sound to take a few pictures.
We were chasing the sunlight and were lucky that the hallway was lit.
Thankfully we got some good ones, even with a wiggly three year old!

I am so glad we got these before he came!
Love this little family of four!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mustache Baby Sprinkle

 The day after Christmas I was hauling the tree out and making sure all the decorations were away because I was so excited to host a "sprinkle" for my sister in law!

The Holden side of the family had 9 boys in a row, then 5 little girls in a row,
now Ezra is breaking the streak!
We were all ready to step over into the boy section and pick out some blue!

Here is the invitation I created.
(address and phone number edited for privacy)

Here is the guest of honor.
Perfectly matching I might add!
When planning this shower I went with a navy chevron as the pattern.
I thought this would be very easy to find at my local craft way!
I ended up making the banner background by cutting out a chevron pattern and gluing it on.
(when I have a creative vision I can't just let it go...its a problem)
The banner was made with my silhouette cameo.
The font matches the invite. (Bondoluo Peek)
I made the mustache banner with my cameo and then I glued it onto embroidery thread.  (thicker than thread but thinner then skinny ribbon or yarn!  perfect!)
On the mantle I framed pictures from their pregnancy.
(including the most realistic 3D ultrasound I have ever seen!)
It added a personal touch that wasn't too expensive and was like a walk down pregnancy lane.
As a cheap decoration to add some life to a few dull corners I put a few white balloons with mustaches from an idea I saw on pinterest.
tip: don't buy expensive balloon weights. tie balloons to a coffee mug and set it on the ground
On the entry table I framed the invite in a $3 target frame that was given to the mommy to be.  Since she doesn't get an invite in the mail it is important to remember to give her one for the baby book!
The black lanterns my mother in law had and she got them off ebay!
They matched perfectly!
I also set the thank you cards there so I wouldn't forget to give them to Jesie.
I used our antique trunk for a baby shower "activity".
Some extra fabric was leftover from the table runner and it fit perfectly here!
The big H is from Restoration Hardware.

I had the guests write a word of encouragement, bible verse, or something to make them smile on a diaper for those first few weeks when they need a little love. 

Food Table.
One talent that I wish I had was to sew.
Since I don't have that talent (yet) I had to ask for some help for my table runner idea.
Too add a little color to the table I got this fabric from Artco (our local craft store) since JoAnn Fabric didn't have a navy chevron print fabric!  COME ON PEOPLE!!!
Brian's Grandma is a great seamstress so I asked if she would make the runner.
I figured this would be an easy task for her.
For me it would've included hot glue and WAY too much time!
She did a great job!  I am so lucky to have such talented people in my life I can call on!
Thanks Grandma!

I used my silhouette cameo to cut out black mustaches out of vinyl and stuck them onto white vases.
One white vase was on the table and then two smaller ones were on the mantle (pictured above)

My mother in law did the flowers!
There aren't many blue choices to choose from so white worked.

Vanilla Cupcakes filled with Raspberry piped with White Chocolate Butter cream.
Cupcake liners were from Etsy shop LemonTreePartySeller.
I made the cupcake toppers.
You can order cupcakes from me here.

Lemon Blueberry Bread

Shortbread Cookies dipped in Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
with a mustache of course!

Veggie Tray
(with a yellow pepper to hold the ranch)

Chicken salad in puff pastry.

Blueberries, blackberries, and black grapes!
perfect color match!

served with Pita Chips


The beverage station

I bought Starbucks frappuchino bottles from Costco.
They are pretty inexpensive from Costco and there was a coupon.
So it was less than a dollar per bottle and they had the yummy drink inside!
To buy glass milk bottles online it was about $3 a bottle and you had to pay shipping!
I peeled the label off and used goo gone to clean them off.

I cut out mustaches with black vinyl on my cameo and stuck them onto the bottles.

The chevron navy straws were from Etsy shop CreativeJuiceCafe

The blue punch was a mixture of half blue Hawaiian punch and half 7 up.

decorated with another vinyl mustache.

This group of friends and family think sprinkle means shower when it comes to gifts!

I am so glad that I could host a sprinkle for my soon to be nephew!
Throwing a party is so much fun when it is for someone you love.
I can't wait to meet you Ezra!
-auntie em
(this picture is for pinterest purposes)