Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seahawks Cupcakes

The Seahawks won the SUPER BOWL!!!!!
Brian has been waiting for this day his entire life!
He has been a die hard hawks fan and so when they were playing in the super bowl we had to celebrate!

My cupcake business Sweet Things by EH has been taking off!
I was asked to make a few for different parties and so here are the designs I came up with.


Gold and Black 50th Birthday Party

A few weeks ago my dad asked if I could help with my moms 50th birthday party.  He is not really the party planning type of person so I helped him out a little.

I went with the gold and black theme.

Here is the invitation with the information changed for privacy.

I found the gold 50 confetti in the anniversary section of our local party store.

I made this banner with the perfect black and white striped paper I found at Michaels.
The font matches the invitation.
The gold paper was crinkled and had a great texture also found at Michaels.

I made the banner so that the 50th could easily slide off so it can be used again!

My dad got a bunch of black and white pictures of my mom as a child from my Grandpa.

I stuck gold glitter ribbon to the door and arranged the pictures on the ribbon so that everyone could see!

I made these chocolate cookies and brownies

Since the Seahawks were playing in the super bowl the next day my aunt made Seahawk colored cookies!

My dad bought sandwich stuff as an easy meal since it was an open house.

My aunt also made a Seahawk Jell-O!

And of course the Costco cake!

With the non black and white pictures I stuck them onto another door and added some fun gold gift bows that I found at the dollar store to add some flair!

Here is one of the real reasons I wanted to do gold as a color.
These were originally clear dollar store vases!
I blogged about how to make them here!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

[A] Christmas

Here are some the Christmas pictures I took of the little three year old my sister watches.  

I was a little nervous because you never know what a three year old will do but he was quite a pro.  Even posing at the end as long as we promised to chase him afterwards!

These were taken in the lobby of the new University Place Library and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas!


[A] Library

My sister is a nanny for this little boy and she asked me to take a few pictures of him to give to his parents as a Christmas gift.  

Since it was so yucky outside right before Christmas we went over to the University Place Library.

Here are a few of the pictures!