Saturday, June 14, 2014


He did it!
He graduated from the University of Washington!
He didn't barely get by either, he graduated cum laude!

Since our backyard is now party ready I really wanted to throw him a celebration.
He finally gave in and let me do it!

We had weeks of beautiful sunshine and 70+ degree days and then the forecast came and it said it was going to rain!!!!
I was so bummed!
We woke up and it was pouring.  We went to the Tacoma Dome for the ceremony and ran in through the rain.  Praying it would stop after the ceremony when you go outside to take pictures.
Here are a few pictures from the ceremony.  (I forgot my zoom lens!)

turning the tassel!

Thankfully the rain held off for pictures afterwards!

We headed out for lunch with the family after the ceremony and then went straight home to get the party ready.
Right when we were headed home it was pouring again and the skies were gray.
But, at 4:00 when the party started the sun came out and it stopped raining!

I made this banner with my silhouette cameo

Now he is off to Seattle University School of Law!

So proud of you and love you!


  1. amazing pics of an amazing day! so proud of brian. so proud of you.

  2. What font did you use for your banner?

  3. I am trying to make one for a grad party i am throwing, and come across yours. I love it! Also, what size papers did you use??

    1. Hi! So sorry I am just getting back to you! New job has me not blogging as much as I would like. I will update with the font and sizes when I have a chance. I am always wondering that too when I read other blogs or see projects on pinterest!

  4. Amazing pictures and Awesome ideas!!! I am going to use some of these ideas for my daughter's grad party from h.s. in a few short weeks!!!