Saturday, July 12, 2014

Safari Cupcakes

With my cupcake business I am always asked to do new themes.
This week I got contacted to make some safari themed cupcakes for a baby shower.
I always like them to send me a few pictures of things they have seen that they like from pinterest.
She sent some great pictures with fondant animals.
I will admit I was a little lot nervous because fondant hasn't been my BFF in the past and with the weather forecast showing 90 for the rest of the week that makes working with fondant even harder!

After freaking out a bit wondering what the heck I was going to do I finally sucked it up and did it!
I will not get better if I settle!

Here is the design that I came up with!
The liners are wilton brand.

Thanks to my sister in law Jesie who gave me these awesome edible markers that I used for their eyes!

My cupcake boxes are from BRP Box Shop and they are seriously the BEST!

I love them!
They may be my favorite cupcake design so far!
They have already been ordered again!

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