Saturday, July 19, 2014

that time we went to a vegas wedding!

We decided on a Tuesday to go to the wedding the next Wednesday in Las Vegas.
Brian's birth mom was getting married and we really wanted to go.  The only issue was that Brian is in his first year of law school and taking one class during the summer and the wedding was on Thursday when he had class.  You really don't want to miss class the first year and so he talked with his teacher who said he would excuse the absence.  So when we heard that on Tuesday we started planning.  Booked our flights, hotel, and I talked to work.  We knew Lacey (birth mom) was waiting on pins and needles to hear if we Brian could come.  Brian, being the bit of a punk that he is decided that since it was so close to the wedding and she already thought we weren't coming that we should surprise her.  Good thing we have trusty best friend Tracy who we knew was going to the wedding too!  I called her and got all the details and we schemed on how to surprise her the best!  A few days later Lacey called Brian just to check in and see if maybe anything had changed and we could go and somehow he put his best lying voice forward and she had no idea what was in the works!

After Brian's class on Wednesday we drove to Seatac and got on our beautiful southwest flight!  The whole time giving Tracy the play by play of where we were and what we were doing.  We arrived in Las Vegas took a taxi to our hotel to drop off our bags and hurried to their hotel.  Tracy had been stalling Lacey and her sister in the bar and so we knew we had to hurry!  When we walked in they were sitting right in front but Lacey's back was to us.  Brian came around the corner and the shock on her face was incredible!  It was the best surprise I have been a part of!

We hung out for a while and got the details of what they had been doing and what was happening tomorrow for the wedding.  Then it was time for bed because it was the BIG day!

We met them at the Chapel of the Flowers and everyone looked beautiful!  I only got to take one picture before being told that we were not allowed to take any pictures!!!  REALLY!?  Oh well, we took some in the hotel anyways.  Here are a few pictures from the beautiful day!

The only picture I got in...

waiting for pictures to be done

How beautiful does she look!?

Brian and Lacey

We were trying to figure out how to all get to dinner afterwards and this guy with a party bus gave us a deal.  So we hopped on and it was epic!  Stripper pole in the middle with crazy loud music videos playing on the TVs.  A ride to remember!

We went over to our hotel later that night to take in the amazing view!
They look like movie stars!

I am so glad we got to come and surprise Lacey and Stephen.  This was our first Vegas wedding and it was so special to share that day with them.  

Congrats to the newlyweds!


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