Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Birthdays

We got together with my family last weekend to celebrate my dad and aunt's birthdays and to get together before summer was over.
It was a beautiful night and so we ended up outside.  The family grew last year when two of my cousins had babies.  Now they are all over the place getting into all sorts of trouble but they are so cute!

Someone was not happy with the babyproofing!  What a mean Uncle Terry!

It quickly turned from smelling the flowers to ripping them out of the ground, root and all!
Love this action shot with the dirt flying!


She has one of the best stink eyes!

He knows who to go to for a snack...Grandpas are always the best for that!

Trying not to smile!

This little tattle tale didn't like the book being ripped from his hands.

All of my moms poor flowers got a beating.

Such a beautiful night!
Love sharing it with these littles!

National Night Out

We bought our house mid September 2012 and moved in January 2013 (after the remodel) and so we just barely missed National Night Out to meet all of our neighbors.  As a kid we always celebrated with a block party so I was bummed when I realized we had missed out!  We met a few neighbors during the remodel process since we were making quite a bit of commotion but still had quite a few people we didn't know.  During the spring/summer we regraded our front and backyard so we met a couple more but what really helped was National Night out.  The neighbor across the street from us has lived their for years and he told another new neighbor to start national night out.  So she did!  Last year was the first time our neighborhood did it and I was thrilled!  It was great to get all the neighbors together to meet and feel a bit safer.  This year we did it again!  I volunteered to bring decorations, which included balloons (the first bunch floated into the sky) and tablecloths.  I ended up finding these cute buckets at target and filled them with skittles.  I also found colorful bubbles at target and had to grab them.  Here are a few pictures from the fun day night.

Another neighbor brought this kiddie pool and filled it with ice for all of the cold dishes.
What a great idea!

The great part about national night out when you register with your city is that they schedule the police department or fire department to come and talk with the kids!  This year we got the police department who brought tons of goodies and asked the kids if they wear their helmets.  This helps children feel comfortable talking with police and feel safe.  Thank you University Place Police Department for coming by!

They even let the kids sit in the police car and turn on the siren!!!

I bought some chalk for the kids.  One wrote "UP Rocks" on the street!

All the kiddos took home a ballon at the end of the night!

It is so much for to have National Night Out!  
Make sure you plan it next year!

Birthday Celebrations!

With some family in town from California we decided to celebrate the end of summer and September birthdays today.  I have been so excited to use my 2 Sues Kelly Moore Bag (which is a super cute purse that also has a protective insert so you can carry your camera safely while still being stylish) so this was a great opportunity to use it!  Here are a few pictures from the party!

Mr. Ezra decided to not take a snooze and hang out for a while.

Sharing a seat isn't always fun, especially when addy was sitting in the chair for 20 HOURS!

Everyone gets their own birthday dessert!  So we had 5 desserts to choose from this time!

Someone just woke up and wanted cake!

Frosting is always the best part!

Like grandfather like father like daughter...the tongue!

Brian's uncle installed a new zip-line across the front yard so everyone was giving it a try!  

To stay out of the way of the zip-line, the girls and I went and checked out Auntie Shirleen's flowers!

Those curls!

and we found a bumble bee!

Addy LOVED watching mama zip-line!

Such a fun afternoon!
Happy Birthday everybody!