Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

With some family in town from California we decided to celebrate the end of summer and September birthdays today.  I have been so excited to use my 2 Sues Kelly Moore Bag (which is a super cute purse that also has a protective insert so you can carry your camera safely while still being stylish) so this was a great opportunity to use it!  Here are a few pictures from the party!

Mr. Ezra decided to not take a snooze and hang out for a while.

Sharing a seat isn't always fun, especially when addy was sitting in the chair for 20 HOURS!

Everyone gets their own birthday dessert!  So we had 5 desserts to choose from this time!

Someone just woke up and wanted cake!

Frosting is always the best part!

Like grandfather like father like daughter...the tongue!

Brian's uncle installed a new zip-line across the front yard so everyone was giving it a try!  

To stay out of the way of the zip-line, the girls and I went and checked out Auntie Shirleen's flowers!

Those curls!

and we found a bumble bee!

Addy LOVED watching mama zip-line!

Such a fun afternoon!
Happy Birthday everybody!

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