Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Birthdays

We got together with my family last weekend to celebrate my dad and aunt's birthdays and to get together before summer was over.
It was a beautiful night and so we ended up outside.  The family grew last year when two of my cousins had babies.  Now they are all over the place getting into all sorts of trouble but they are so cute!

Someone was not happy with the babyproofing!  What a mean Uncle Terry!

It quickly turned from smelling the flowers to ripping them out of the ground, root and all!
Love this action shot with the dirt flying!


She has one of the best stink eyes!

He knows who to go to for a snack...Grandpas are always the best for that!

Trying not to smile!

This little tattle tale didn't like the book being ripped from his hands.

All of my moms poor flowers got a beating.

Such a beautiful night!
Love sharing it with these littles!

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