Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When trusting is hard

"I just thought it's crazy how things you never think would happen all of a sudden appear.  I really am stumped and don't know what to do;) I thought of you and how good you are with being patient and knowing everything always works out;)"
I received this text last Monday and immediately felt guilty knowing that I myself was not being patient and trusting that everything would work out. I felt stuck in a job that was definitely not working out and felt defeated. My morals and personality were being torn down by someone who I had just met and barely knew me. In these moments of hurt I was immediately lifted up by the amazing people in my life who know me and my heart. The confidence these former employers and great friends of mine had in me helped me see that this position was not where I was supposed to be, but still it was hard for me to get out. 
Finally I decided that I was going to put in my two weeks notice at the end of the week and trust that God had something great in store!  This was an extremely hard decision because I am the only one working while Brian is in law school, so to leave a paying position to be on the search again was not ideal. But we are called to step out in faith!  So I did. I gave my two weeks notice on Friday which turned into Friday being my last day. I drove away feeling all this pressure gone!
In Gods perfect timing I was offered positions from two different employers who love and appreciate me. I have joyfully accepted a position as a legal receptionist/secretary/personal assistant/sometimes nanny with my previous employers!  This new adventure brings me back to a family who I love and respect. During my time as their nanny they valued my hardworking attitude and ability to get things done which now will be utilized at their law firm!  I will still work date nights for many families that I have nannied for and will be responsible for possible early pick ups when my bosses have a late night at work but I will have different responsibilities during the day.
While going through these uncomfortable moments of confrontation I had no idea that God was preparing me for greater things!  Every time of trial was necessary for me to get to where I am now!  I am so thankful for these families who believe in me so much that they have created this position for me not only in their home but in their office!  Wow!  What a blessing!  Little did I know that I had a mother in law deep in prayer all week not knowing the trials I was going through. I also received the above text reminding me to have faith that it will all work out. With all that being said, I am thrilled to be starting this position with a great support system and healthy environment!  

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