Friday, September 5, 2014


The Seahawks won the SUPERBOWL!
This was a huge deal in our household and the wait for the next season to begin was brutal.
Thankfully, last night the Seahawks kicked off the new season.
We had planned to have a couple friends over to watch the game, last year we did the same thing so it was now tradition.  Here is the blog from last years party.

Two days before the game Brian got a call he wasn't expecting.  His dad got tickets to the game!  They weren't just any tickets either...50 yard line club level tickets.  I think it took everything within him to decline.  Since he is in week two of law school and had already promised me a party he said no.  What a good husband.  I am sure he will have to go to another game when school slows down.

Thursday morning I spent running to the store to grab all necessary items for a nacho bar.  I still do think it's pretty funny now seeing everyone in Washington in their hawks gear when two/three years ago it was unheard of.  I remember searching etsy in 2011 with my friend Tania for ideas for Seahawks wreaths or home decor and found probably 10 items.  Not anymore!  Ok, back to what I was saying... I went home after shopping and dug through all of our Seahawks memorabilia to start decorating.  It is pretty fun since my husband is such a die hard fan because we have so much stuff!  

I may have went a bit overboard for this party because we had 5 people over and one was a 3 year old.  I just can't help myself when it comes to a party though!

Here are a few pictures of the day!
Hope it gives you inspiration for your hawks viewing party!

The season has begun!

All of the awesome magazines make easy decorations.
The bucket with pistachios was found in the dollar section of target!

Brian's mom got the little Seahawks lego guys for Christmas as a stocking stuffer.
I also like to switch out all of my pictures to match the Seahawks theme!
I used a cheap placemat underneath to add some flair!

The candle holders were from Zulily years ago and the big H is from Restoration Hardware.

When I get going on a party theme I can't stop!
I cut out the Seahawks logo out of vinyl and stuck it on a vase that I had for my festive flowers.

Even the bathroom needs decorating in my opinion!
That picture was actually used for Seahawks promotions.  Brian was cropped out in all of those promotions because he was not exactly "picture ready".  Still an awesome pic!

I used some leftover green grapes and blueberries in the water.
I froze them so they would also be used as ice.

Cute straws are a necessity!  (even if no one uses them!)
I used another placemat here as well.

Cookies are a must.
I made Chocolate Chip M&M cookies before people came over.
I picked out each and every blue and green M&M for these!
I also made another batch gluten free for our friend who has Celiac!
Tip: instead of finding a gluten free recipe just use a normal recipe and substitute for gf flour.

Here is the Nacho Bar!
I love the signed 2003 football for a centerpiece!

I used the cup coozies again for the silverware because they just look so cute and everyone loves it on pinterest.
I also used the table runner from the Mustache Baby Sprinkle because it matches perfectly!

And we end with the cutest guest!
He had his game face on!

Go Hawks!

I think I am going to leave the decorations up!
Why not?!


(photo for pinterest purposes)

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